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April 26-28, Lake Morena County Park

Words of inspiration from Burney trail angel Snowman (Damen Snow)

"I just want to tell the class of 2013 that during their journey they will experience some of the most brutal setbacks imaginable. Pain will become a constant companion. Choking down once-favorite foods will evoke nausea and diminished morale. People will show disdain and resentment on sheer appearance alone.

As through life there is always the light in darkness. You will witness with open and untethered eyes, the unimaginable beauty once reserved for nature and nature alone. You will encounter sheer unexplainable kindness in total strangers that beckons you to rise and become a better person. Treat each person you encounter on the trail as family. Become a steward of the PCT and always stay positive.

Keep the sun on your back and never quit on a bad day."

What goes on

The primary focus of the gathering is to help shed those butterflies that inevitably precede a life-altering experience like hiking the PCT by showing you the broad spectrum of strategies that have been successful in the past and those of your fellow 2013 PCTers. Additionally, it provides a low-key gathering in which you can begin the friendships that inevitably evolve from such a journey.

Events include:

  • Pacific Crest Trail Short Film Festival
  • Gear Contest
  • Seminars
  • Silent Auction. Saturday morning you can bid on PCT memorabilia, lightweight gear, and other fun stuff. Proceeds defray the costs of putting on ADZPCTKO.
  • Meals. Dinner on Friday and Saturday, and breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, are part of the ADZPCTKO tradition.