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Lake Morena Campground

Last update: 04/10/2013 01:53 AM.

ADZPCTKO has everything you'd expect at a fine resort:

  • Food. Dinner (Friday and Saturday) and breakfast (Saturday and Sunday) will be dished up at site 14.
  • Entertainment. The gear contest, auction, group photos, announcements to the assembled masses, evening programs, and most other group activities happen around sites 14 and 15. Many slide shows and seminars will be held in the Pavilion. Switchback presents backpacking secrets in Pirate's Lair (site 22).
  • Shopping. Vendors will display their wares in the large field west of site 14.
  • Education. USFS offers information about bear protection and fire safety, and issues campfire permits. PCTA sells maps, dispenses information about the trail, and issues wilderness permits. Other organizations provide additional useful information for long-distance hikers. All can be found in the large field west of site 14. Ned Tibbits of Mountain Education will offer seminars and advice on safe mountaineering in site 20. Halfmile, creator of world famous PCT maps, will also be in site 20.
  • Post Office. USPS will be in site 13 to accept your packages and letters for delivery up the trail or back home. Hours are 10-2 Friday and Saturday.
  • Transportation. Rides to the border and to other points along the trail can be arranged at the parking area southwest of the Pavilion, indicated by the P symbol in the map.
  • Zoo. The Wolverines will offer their Shakedown Shack in site 20. They'll rip into your pack and, based on their years of thru-hiking experience, will tell you what you need and what you don't.
  • Hair Stylist. Give it up for Locks of Love in site 22.

Other sites of interest:

  • Site 1. Registration, event information, T-shirt sales, and PCT bandanas from the Class of 2002
  • Site 20. Wolverines, Halfmile, and Mountain Education
  • Site 22. Pirate's Roost with Switchback
  • Site 32. Trail angels Joe and Terry Anderson bring a preview of Casa de Luna hospitality