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Lake Morena Presentations

As the site of the Annual Day Zero Pacific Crest Trail Kick Off, Lake Morena County Park has become an important destination for PCT hikers. ADZPCTKO organizers want to be sure that the park is here--and in good condition--for future hikers, so each year we check with park rangers to see what's on their wish list. If we have funds left over after covering other ADZPCTKO expenses, we try to help our friends at Lake Morena County Park.

In 2005 we gave Lake Morena Park, at their specific request, eight defibrillator pads. (The county had purchased the equipment, but didn't allocate any money to replace the pads that degrade over time.) In addition, we gave them an XM satellite radio because reception of good terrestrial stations is poor at the park. 

In 2004 we gave them an industrial grade cordless hammer drill with full attachments and extra battery. 

In 2003 and 2002 we presented other gifts; click the links at the left for pictures and more information.

We enjoy the opportunity to give back some small appreciation each year to our terrific host and always request one or more items from their "wish list".  The Park's budget is frozen or contracting and it is through organizations like ours that they are able to continue to provide the great site in the condition that we all expect and take for granted.