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Getting There

Ride Board

We're trying to make it easy for all thru hikers to make it to the trail...and to make it to ADZPCTKO. Use these lists to find a ride partner.

Note: If you just need a ride from Lake Morena back to the border after ADZPCTKO, don't bother posting a request here. There'll be plenty of people at ADZPCTKO who can help you out.

Finding a Rideshare Partner

Public Transportation

San Diego MTS (telephone 800.858.0291) has bus service to points on or near the trail, including:

Sample routes:

  • Warner Springs to Campo or Lake Morena: Bus 892 transfer to 894
  • Shelter Valley (south of Scissors Crossing) or Julian to Campo or Lake Morena: Bus 891 transfer to 894

The service isn't frequent (most routes run only once a day or even once a week) and the schedules aren't particularly convenient...but it is an option if you're unable to hook up with someone through the Ride Board.

Finding Your Way

How do you get there?