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September 10

Replaced  the list of who's coming with a list of who came

July 31

Added the true story of the Backtrackers; added Bomber Jed Morrow to the list of who's coming; updated hiker list; miscellaneous minor changes.

July 27

Lots of updates throughout the site! Updated list of who's coming, updated reunion plans with better flight info, added lots of pix (including Paul Hacker, the Three Musketeers, John Mills, Bay City Bombers, Greg Bolduc, and more) and a few bios. You better just revisit all the pages in Photos and Updates!

July 17

Added a list of who's coming, who's not, and who the flakes are! More pictures of Portland Trailblazers and PA Jeff. Bios of Bill Jensen and Jeff Zimmerman. Updated the hiker list with new names, corrections, and contact info.

  • Lots of new pictures! New pages for Brian Van Neil, Tim Hilliard, Portland Trailblazers, the Three Musketeers, and Bob and Peggy Titus. New pictures of the Canucks, Jeff, Monte, Nancy, the Chairman, and the Unfortunates.

  • Date and place of reunion announced

  • Survey posted: when and where do you want to meet?

On September 6-8, 2002, we had a fantastic 25-year reunion of 1977 Pacific Crest Trail hikers at Castle Crags State Park. I'll get more pictures and reports posted soon. In the meantime, here's one to prove that 21 hikers showed up:

Left: We can't say where the PCT shields came from due to an ongoing investigation.

We've managed to try to track down quite a few 1977 hikers; the Hiker List page shows what we know so far. If you hiked a significant portion of the PCT in 1977 (or you know someone who did), please contact me

We've also set up a discussion group and mailing list to discuss the reunion and old times. If you'd like to join, click the icon below.

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Mini-Reunion at ADZPCTKO

At the Annual Day Zero Pacific Crest Trail Kick Off (ADZPCTKO) gathering near the Mexican border in late April, nine '77 hikers showed up. Back row: Pennsylvania Jeff Zimmerman, Kelty Kid Carl Siechert, San Diego Trucker Mark Dobransky, Kelty Kids Bill Berg and Norm Switzer, and Greg "Strider" Hummel (a cofounder of ADZPCTKO); kneeling: Mad Monte Dodge, Paul Hacker; missing: San Diego Trucker Marty McCormick, who skipped out before we got around to taking pictures.

Mystery Photos

I've moved the mystery photos to their own page. See if you can identify any of these people.

Not a day goes by that I don't think about that fantastic trip we took back in 1977. I look forward to running into you folks again--at the reunion or on the trail--and swapping stories. Boy, we've got a lot of 'em!

Carl Siechert, one of the Kelty Kids
on the PCT April 1-September 13, 1977

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