Bay City Bombers

Lee Carter

As for a bio - I'm not sure I want to bore everyone with the pathetic details of my life.  Other than convincing some beautiful and unsuspecting lady to marry me, the PCT was a true high point for me.  I will try to come up with something short and appropriate for your bio section.

Scott Mensing

This is Scott Mensing with the Bay City Bombers.  Lee Carter just informed me about the upcoming reunion which sounds great.  I need to check my schedule to make sure it works, but if I can I would like to attend. I will also talk with Jed Morrow and Randy Harrington.  Randy is now my brother-in-law so I see him regularly. In fact, my 14 year old boy is with him in the Tetons right now. I will probably see Jed this weekend so I will talk to him as well. Maybe all 4 of us can make it.

Thanks for doing this. Castle Crags is a good place for us to reach. I am living in Reno now teaching Geography at the University of Nevada, so any field trip into the outdoors can be chalked up to business.

Photos of the Bay City Bombers