Greg Hummel

I'm going eighteen directions. I'm a geologist working for a oil and gas company in Newport Beach, Calif. Coaching two of my boys in basketball (of course!). My oldest is about to graduate from high school and looking at colleges.

I'm coordinating the 4th Annual Day Zero PCT Kick Off gathering (ADZPCTKO). If you haven't heard of this, check out the PCTA website. And, hiking? What's that? Seriously, I usually get up to the Sierras for a trip every summer with one, two or three kids!

Planning 4th ADZPCTKO, 2002

With wife Laurie, daughter Molly, and PCT thru-hiker Tigger

The little Striders: Amber (17), Kyle (16), Dana (12), Travis (11) and Molly (2)

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