Nancy Andujar (nee Gardner)

heres the cliff notes on me.

after pct I hitched to alaska . and an article went out all over the country about the pct and how I was looking sponsors for the continental divide,trail and I got abot 50 sponsors. so mex to canade in 78. In 79 I started on a world tour on a bicycle.I spent 3 years and did 5 continents.I came back home.

and I guess there is ssjust so many 3rd world countries you can go thru...befor ya gotta say wait a second. I really need to do something. so I crammed a bachelor degree in nursing got my RN met surgical resident that I kinda liked and headedf for south america and worked in free clinics. helping in OR for kids with congenital heart disease. we went all over. that felt good.

The guy I married took off two years to win the world title in kickboxing while he was at harvard med school. And he wasnt some rich spoiled brat living off a trust fund. his parents were migrant workers fro puerta rico.SO I am raising 4 blonde little half hispanic kids and just loving every minute of it. they really dont know much about me the trails or the life I lead cause sometimes I wonder how I didnt wind up on unsolved mysteries. my girl range from 4 to 10 and 3 of them just came back fro the nationals where they got fifth in the nation in a soccer tounament. so I am coaching working and loving life alot.I rarely say this but I feel blessed.

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