Portland Trailblazers

Bill Jensen

1980 – graduated from Oregon State University w/ degree in Civil Engineering, go to work for Hoffman Construction Company in Portland.

1981 – Returned to the Sierras and hike from Mammoth to Whitney to cover territory hiked around in 1977.

1982 – Married to Sue.  I met her sister at Oregon State.

1983-1985 – Lived in Anchorage, Alaska during construction boom times.  We buy a travel trailer and spend a lot of time fishing and camping on the Kenai Peninsula.

1986 – Our daughter Whitney is born.  She was six weeks early and weighed less than four pounds, but she makes it through the critical first few days.  She is named for the singer, not the mountain.

1988 – After eight years w/ Hoffman, I quit and go to work for Baugh Construction in Portland.

1988 – Our son Troy is born.

1997 – After ten years with Baugh, I quit and go to work for DPR Construction to help launch an office in Portland.  We are the 15th largest contractor in the country and specialize in microelectronics, biopharmaceutical, telecommunications, corporate office, and health care.

1999 – Christmas in Hawaii for the Oahu Bowl.  OSU Beavers get homered, lose to Hawaii.

2000 – I spend most of the year commuting to Colorado Springs, CO for a large Intel project.

2001 – New Years in Tempe at the Fiesta Bowl.  My beloved Beavers crush Notre Dame 41-9.

2002 – We celebrate our 20th anniversary.  Sue gets a ring.  Bill gets nothing.

Whitney is now a sophomore in high school.  She made varsity cheerleading this year, so she is as happy as can be. 

Troy is in eighth grade.  He plays premier soccer, but is getting burned out.  His team finished first in Oregon last year.  We travel all the time – Vegas, Phoenix, Seattle, and LA in just the past year.

Needless to say, we don’t spend enough time hiking and camping.  Troy and I get out a few times a year, and he has discovered drift fishing for salmon.  He may take the summer off from soccer, so for the first time in years we may have the chance to do something different.

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