The Chairman

Ron Hall

Although I lived in Northern California for a while in the early 80's - I am back in Ventura.

I have not been in contact with ANYONE since 80/81 -
I did 2-3 trips with Bob Alexander at Mt. Shasta and Crater Lake in the winter. Bob of the Michigan boys was on one of the ski trips.

I have hiked some of the newer portions of the PCT -- I did the Castle Crags to Seiad Valley section about 5 years ago - Stevens to Rainy/Washington(hywy 20) last year and possibly Rainy to Canada this year. (I hope I got my passes and hywys right.) I have a friend who likes to backpack the PCT - he has a son in Seattle and this helps.  

I am also a touring cyclist - the summer before last I went from Whitefish Montana to the Seattle area -950 miles-/+ (crossing the pct at rainy)  

Photos of the Chairman