Tom and Tim

Tom Beckstrand

Tim Glaze and I left the Mexican border on April 29th 1977 and arrived in Canada on Sept. 27. Tim wrote an account of our hike which appeared in the Summer 1978 issue of "Pacific Crest Trail Quarterly". We didn't meet a whole lot of other thru hikers but we did enjoy meeting the, I think, Seattle Stompers ( I haven't been able to locate my journal), Montana slim, and Dave Green, who we finished the hike with. We met an old guy in Southern Cal. who said he was with the P.C.T. and that we would never get to Canada in time to beat the snow. We left him in a hurry and pretty much kept hurrying till we got to the border. I've been living out west since 1982 (I tended bar at Timberline Lodge for three years in the early 80's) and have had a chance to rehike around 2/3s of the trail in a more leisurely fashion. I've lived in Eugene, Or. for the past 10 years. Tim is back in his native Ohio, where he works as a chef for Ohio University, inspired, no doubt, by his deft hand at preparing freeze-dried dinners. If your proposed reunion takes place in the Northwest I can perhaps take part. I can't believe it's been 25 years. I'm just thankful I had the good sense to walk from Mexico to Canada when I had the chance. I pulled out my pictures the other day and have enjoyed scaring my wife and kids with images of me on the trail in Washington (I thought I was pretty hot looking but my wife assures me that we would not have dated). Hope to see you all.

On September 21, Tom wrote in the PCT register at Stehekin: "The weather's clearing--hope to get some good views in the North Cascades. Got a room here, washed up and dried out.