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Chris Adams The Girls     Started at Burney Falls
Bob Alexander Portland Trailblazers Yes Yes  
Joe Anderson Backtrackers Yes    
Mike Ashe Unfortunates      
Tom Beckstrand   Yes   Hiked with Tim Glaze
Dave Beffa-Negrini U-Conn Expedition Yes    
Ken Bell U-Conn Expedition Yes    
Bill Berg Kelty Kids Yes Yes  
Greg Bolduc        
Lee Carter Bay City Bombers Yes Yes  
Steve Case Unfortunates Yes    
Barb Cozens        
Guy Dahms        
Chuck DeRaaf Canadians Yes    
Mark Dobransky San Diego Truckers Yes Yes  
Monte Dodge Mad Monte Yes Yes  
Nancy Andujar (nee Gardner) Mile-a-minute Yes Yes  
Chuck Gerson        
Tim Glaze     Yes Hiked with Tom Beckstrand
Barry Glennan Three Musketeers Yes Yes  
David Green        
Paul Hacker Backtrackers* Yes Yes  
Ron Hall Chairman Yes Yes From Ventura, CA
John Hallsten Montana John   Yes  
Randy Harrington Bay City Bombers      
Dan Herlihy U-Conn Expedition      
Tim Hilliard The Heathen Yes Yes  
Steve Hughes Seattle Spikers      
Greg Hummel Strider, Bigfoot Yes Yes  
Bill Jensen Portland Trailblazers Yes Yes  
Tom Kearns Unfortunates Yes Yes  
Robert Kerr        
Dale Kicker Minnesota Milers   Yes  
Joe Klauer Unfortunates      
Kevin Kowalchuk Canadians Yes Yes  
Ron Krom        
Rick Little   Yes   Started with Fred
Bob McAlister Michigan Boys   Yes From Illinois, now living in Hawaii
Marty McCormick San Diego Truckers Yes Yes Sorry about the pie that Gary Funk left for you!
Holland "Dutch" McEachern Michigan Boys Yes    
Jeff Meister Minnesota Milers   Yes  
Scott Mensing Bay City Bombers Yes    
John Mills       From Virginia
Don Molleur   Yes Yes  
Bryan Morris Backtrackers   Yes  
Jed Morrow Bay City Bombers Yes Yes  
Barry Murray        
Mike Nardozza        
Tom Newland        
Bill O'Brien Backtrackers      
Barbara Richey The Girls     Started at Burney Falls
Mr. and Mrs. Ross        
Howie Sandler U-Conn Expedition      
Dan Sanville Michigan Boys Yes Yes  
Carl Siechert Kelty Kids Yes Yes  
Cindy Sinclair        
Kirk Sinclair U-Conn Expedition Yes Yes  
Gary Sottiaux Pilgrim Yes Yes From Ontario; hiked PCT again in 1980, sections since
Mike Strom Seattle Spikers      
Fred Swanson       Started with Rick Little
Norm Switzer Kelty Kids Yes Yes  
Stephen Taylor Lone Wolf, Flash Yes Yes Lives in Los Osos, CA; currently hiking PCT sections
Bob Titus Backtrackers*     From Washington
Peggy Titus Backtrackers*     From Washington
Todd Trautner        
Michael Van Biezen Three Musketeers   Yes  
Brian Van Niel Crusty Cresters   Yes  
Jim Werner        
Michael Wilhelm        
Duane Wyman        
Jeff Zimmerman Pennsylvania Jeff Yes Yes  
Claire       Hiked with Joy and two dogs
Emily The Girls     Started at Burney Falls
John       From Illinois
Joy       Hiked with Claire and two dogs
Sjoeke Backtrackers*     Started with Paul Hacker
  PCT Lightweights     Started in Mammoth
        Two California section hikers from Lodi
        Two guys from Washington
        Four guys from Oregon

A couple of notes on the list:

  • Trail names weren't as widely used as they are today, so many of the names I have here are simply the descriptions we (the Kelty Kids) used in our journals or names I've heard others use. Please take no offense if I got yours wrong!
    * And near as I can tell, the "Backtrackers" were a loose confederation of several couples and individuals that often hung together.
  • For privacy reasons, I'm not posting E-mail and USPS addresses on this public site. If you're interested in contacting someone for whom I have an address, contact me.