Joe Anderson, Bryan Morris, Mike Wilhelm, and friends

The true story of the Backtrackers, from Joe Anderson:

When I started out on the PCT I was with Bill O'Brien. We did a lot of "after hours" hiking and were the "nightcrawlers" for a time.

After a couple of weeks, on Mt. San Jacinto, Bill and I were near the summit lookout camping and the snow was deep and we kept post-holing. To save our strength and energy thru the snow we teamed up with Mike Wilhelm and Bryan Morris. At that time we had no name , but we enjoyed each other's company and continued to hike together for much of the next 4 1/2 months.

We intermittently picked up a number of hiking amigos along the way....... and indeed were at times a loose confederation whose numbers added to a high of nine and subtracted until we were three, however, the three were Bryan, Mike, and myself.

Bill and I parted company and he hiked much of the trail on his own.

I actually hiked several hundred miles by myself.

About the time we took on the Backtrackers moniker we were near Old Baldy and had run into several people, including Bob and Peggy, Nancy, Paul and Shoeki, and three guys from Seattle who bailed out after about a month.

The name "Backtrackers" came about from our propensity to retrace our steps in some of the less well marked areas.

in 1977...

Paul Hacker, Sjoeke, Nancy Gardner, Mike Wilhelm, Bryan Morris, and Jeff Zimmerman at Agnew Meadows.
Don Molleur, Bryan Morris, and Mike Wilhelm at Hat Creek