Greg Hummel

On September 1, Greg wrote in the PCT register at Stehekin: "HOT DAMN! H&H Inc. (Hummel & Hacker) are here and only 6 days to go! I'm glad & sad it is all coming to an end. A last farewell to all of you border to border's. Unfortunates, Bombers, Backtrackers, Trailblazers, Kelty Kids, and all you I never even met. I hope all is well for all. 9 days of rain straight."

Strider in 1977...

On the trail, age 21
H&H (Hummel & Hacker): Paul Hacker (an early proponent of hiking poles) and Strider crossing Bridge of the Gods
Greg, Jeff Zimmerman, and Paul Hacker on Mt. Rainier.

and now...

Greg's son Travis, Jeff Zimmerman, and Greg at Thousand Island Lake, 2001

Greg will be at the reunion.

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