Chris Adams, Barbara Richey, and Emily

This group, which we Kelty Kids called simply "the girls," started at Burney Falls on June 25.

In 1977...

Bill Jensen took this picture of Emily, Chris, and Barbara on July 14. Anybody know any more about them?

Here are some additional clues: 

On September 19, Chris Adams of Walnut Creek,CA wrote in the PCT register at Stehekin: "Ain't never seen such 'shrooms in me whole life! Why does the concessionaires cater to the rich folks? A laundry, showers, and a reasonably priced roof for the night would see much use from hikers and hunters.

Barbara Richey of Pleasant Hill, CA wrote: "Wish the rain would let up for our last few days but by the looks of things outside, it's going to be a cold, wet, windy finish to a beautiful experience. Was hoping for a hot shower and dry bed but couldn't afford the prices. Oh well, Canada is just around the corner."