Mystery Photos

Can you help us identify any of these folks? (Is it you?) If see, let me know.

Mystery Photo #1

Tim Hilliard recognized the tall skinny guy at the Mike Urich Shelter; it's Brian Van Neil. But we still don't know who the other guy is. Do you?

Mystery Photo #2

This mystery has been solved. According to Monte Dodge, who submitted the picture, the guy on the left is Don Molleur. And Tom Beckstrand claims that the patch-encrusted pack belongs to Tim Glaze. After that, it gets a little dicey. Bay City Bomber Lee Carter says "Regarding your mystery photo #2 - the two unidentified hikers may be Scott Mensing (with beard) and Randy Harrington (eating, as usual). I will have to find the old photos to see if the hats are the right type." According to Backtracker Joe Anderson, however, it's "Bryan Morris in center with the milk, Mike Wilhelm on the right with the jar of peanut butter"; this confirms Jeff Zimmerman's earlier report. 

Mystery Photo #3

Unknown hikers at Casa Vieja Meadows, May 5; photo by Bill Jensen.

Mystery Photo #4

According to Monte Dodge, who submitted this photo: "Here is a pic of Todd Trautner on left, and ???? mystery hiker, then Greg Bolduc (Sixteen y/o seeking to be the youngest PCT thru-hiker and was getting press from Signpost Mag.) Photo taken in Northern Oregon. Late August 1977."