Bob Alexander and Bill Jensen

Portland Trailblazers in 1977...

Bob, April 1
Bill, April 1
Bob at Bighorn Plateau, May 9
Bill at Forester Pass, May 10
Bob near General Creek, June 9
Bob at Hartman Bar, June 17
Bill, June 25
Bill eating pineapple cheesecake, June 28
Bill at Crater Lake, July 20
Bob, Ron Hall, Chuck (Gerson?), and Bill at McKenzie Pass, July 29
Bill at Bridge of the Gods, August 9
Bill on Old Snowy, August 15 (Where did he get the 48-star flag?)
Bill at Stehekin, September 8. Bill wrote in the PCT register at Stehekin: "Well, the Chair and Bob quit, and as a matter of fact, so did I, but the bus ride home made me do a lot of thinking, and I'm back. We got as far as Goldmeyer H.S. in the rain and bailed out to Seattle and started up again at Stevens. Got to Pear Lake and quit. Started up again at Goldmeyer, and the weather and scenery have been fantastic. I'm looking forward to '78' more than ever, but once I get there the last 5 months and 2500 miles will no longer seem to be so tough. Hope to catch the Bombers, and with the Michigan Men, all cross together."
Bill, September 13

Bob and Bill will be at the reunion.

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