1977 PCT Hikers Reunion: Place and Time

Here are some of the options that have been discussed so far. Take a look and then click here to let me know what you think about these ideas...and feel free to suggest other options.

Suggestion 1

Gather at the Annual Day Zero PCT Kickoff (ADZPCTKO) gathering on April 27, 28 at Lake Morena campground.

  • It is a reminder of the time of year that we started at a location 20 miles north of the border.  
  • Food, camping arrangements, logistics are already  provided and easy.  
  • Easy access travel (fly into San Diego) and for family camping (drive in).  
  • Easy hiking in the area.  
  • The area is part of the unique character of the overall PCT. 
  • Pennsylvania Jeff, who is hiking the CDT this year, could attend.
  • It isn't very spectacular scenery.  
  • A lot of other people will be at the ADZ that have nothing to do with 1977.  
  • There aren't good facilities for slide shows, if we want this.  
  • Weather is highly variable at this time here.  
  • Greg is coordinating the ADZPCTKO and won't have much time to help coordinate this on top of it; Carl is similarly overwhelmed with other commitments--so someone else will have to step up.

Suggestion 2

Meet at Red's Meadow, Ansel Adams Wilderness Area, (west of Mammoth Lakes) sometime in late August or September.

  • Spectacular scenery; great hiking area with lots of waterfalls, lakes, wildlife, etc.  The High Sierra. 
  • Simple logistics with "A" frame cabins at  Red's Meadow and a campground.  
  • Great day hikes or overnight possibilities on the PCT.  
  • Lots of time to try to locate 1977 PCT'ers.  
  • Near Mammoth Lakes supplies.
  • No bugs, great weather at this time of year.
  • Not an easy place to get to from significant airports, bus lines, etc.
  • Everyone goes somewhere in late August - September and so many may not be able to attend due to prior arrangements.
  • Pennsylvania Jeff probably lost somewhere in the San Juan Mtns of southern Colorado.

Suggestion 3

Castle Crags State Park (probably in late July).

  • Nice scenery, nice hiking. 
  • Easy driving access, especially for anyone from WA, OR, or CA. Any of us driving up I-5 could pick up people who fly into Sacramento or even the Bay Area. 
  • Direct access to nearby Dunsmuir via Amtrak and Greyhound.
  • Close to the PCT, so we might intercept a number of northbound 2002 hikers if we go in July. 
  • There's a 64-space campground there, with motels and town nearby.
  • Summer crowds
  • Summer schedules: many people may already have other plans.

Other northern California possibilities: Burney Falls, Lassen, Hat Creek...all interesting places, but not as accessible

Suggestion 4

Callahans Siskiyou Lodge, south of Ashland.

  • What place better evokes memories of PCT get-togethers than Callahans Restaurant? Under new ownership, they've recently added a 12-room lodge.
  • Easy driving access from CA, OR, and WA.
  • Easy hiking in the area.
  • All the soup, salad, and spaghetti you can eat? Sure, I heard that before, and they cut us off!
  • Depending on how many people we get (and when we go), they might not be able to accommodate our entire group. 

Suggestion 5

Wind River, Wyoming in late August

  • The San Diego Truckers, along with 1975 PCTers the Flying Funk Brothers, are planning their yearly hike.  They've arranged for the week August 19-23 to hike The Wind River out of Lander, WY.  They probably will go in Sun am and come out Thurs pm or Fri am.  
  • You can't beat it for Sierra like mountains without the people.  
  • It would be a great reunion spot if people are willing to travel. 

So what are your thoughts on these ideas? Click here to let me know.