Gary Sottiaux sent a copy of the story submitted to the Kernville newspaper about the "rescue" of Gary, the Unfortunates, the Michigan Boys, and Mike Nardozza.

RESCUE    pg 1A

           Nine back packers were rescued by Tulare County Sheriff and California Highway Patrol when they were stranded by current storms near Black Rock Ranger Station on Kern Plateau.
           Tulare Deputy Jerry Brock and CHP officer Jim Malouf responded to a call from Jerry Rice of U.S. Forest Service at Black Rock about 1 p.m. Sunday, May 8, with two 4-wheel drive vehicles to bring back Gary Sottiaux, 23, Ontario, Canada; Mike Ashe, 19, Hermosa Beach; Holland McEachern, 23, Escanaba, Michigan; Dan Sanville, 22, Escanaba; Tom Kearns, 20, Torrance; Bob McAlister, 23, Joliet, Illinois; Steve Case, 21, Carson; Joe Klauer, 19, Torrance; and Mike Nardozza, Laguna Niguel.
           Nardozza, in his 50's, is reportedly writing a book on back packing.
           All hikers were on the Pacific Coast (sic) Trail when the storm hit, Brock reporting a foot of snow on the ground when help arrived. The nine men were transported to Kernville where they made their own arrangements, waiting for storms to subside.
           According to reports, six other hikers are expected to be somewhere north of Casa Vieja, having left the check point just before this group. Nine more back packers are currently staying at KOA Campground in South Fork waiting for the weather to clear.


The Kelty Kids were at Casa Vieja Meadow on May 8 and 9. Shortly after we left on the morning of May 10, we ran into Strider, heading southbound. He had been camped about 1/2 mile north of us, and was hiking out for food.

So where were you during the first big storm of May, 1977?