No holiday

Jan was home for the Veterans Day holiday, and she planned to use the time to move out of the kitchen. (We finished moving out of the bar, entry hall, and dining room over the weekend.) A lot of stuff—furniture and boxes—is stacked in the living room; the rest is crammed into closets throughout the house, on the lanai, and pretty well filling every unoccupied space.

Her holiday plans were interrupted, however, with the arrival of Bob and John, whom we were not expecting until Wednesday. They put up supports for the the playroom roof beams; these supports also serve as the framing for the sheet of plastic that separates us from the construction zone. In addition, they removed the pocket door by the kitchen, as the only other way to get our oversized refrigerator out was to remove its doors.

Long after they left, Jan was still packing up the kitchen, but we finally got everything out.

The bar refrigerator has been removed, along with the cabinet doors. They tried to move out the fire safe, but it wouldn't budge. They'll try again after the walls on either side are gone.