Destruction Derby

In the morning, Bobby announced that the demolition crew (aka the "knuckle-dragging gorillas") would not be coming in. Instead, because Bobby and John had already done so much of what the demo boys normally do and because they don't need a Dumpster (we're keeping most of the scrap as firewood), they, along with Alex and Juan, would finish it off themselves.

After the dust settled, we were left with a cavernous space. (And it took a long time for the dust to settle. The "water spots" in the first picture below are flash reflections from suspended fiberglass insulation particles—and this picture was taken the morning after.)

The only paneling left intact (for the moment, anyway) is the interior door of the former bar. And, of course, we can now see the back side of the mahogany paneling in the entry, living room, and dining room.

To pan left or right, drag the photo or click the arrows in the lower corners. To zoom in or out, use the slider at the bottom of the picture. (The arrows and slider appear when the mouse pointer is on the picture.)

And outside, we were left with a stack of cabinets, appliances, and scrap wood—enough to keep us warm this winter!