Birthday Weekend

Everything aligned: We were invited to a meeting of the regional advisory council for The Wilderness Society in San Francisco, it was Jan's three-day weekend, and it was Carl's birthday. Off to The City we went, leaving thoughts of the kitchen turmoil behind us.

We really enjoyed our stay at Hotel Palomar, a new hotel in an old building at Fourth and Market. It's an ideal locationóright at the end of the cable car tracks, above a BART/Muni rail station, adjacent to the F line with its historic streetcars, and just a block from Union Square. And it's a beautiful place; the rooms are small but elegantly furnished and appointed. We highly recommend Hotel Palomar.

The weather was beautiful, as you can see in this shot from Alamo Square.

The semicircular sixth-floor lobby at Hotel Palomar, with its parquet floor, typifies the hotel's unique style.