Another Room Bites the Dust

Today they started in on the entry hall. They removed and numbered all the paneling from the north wall and then framed in where the doors to the bar and coat closet used to be.


Plumbers Greg and Chris installed a line for the refrigerator ice maker and began plumbing for the kitchen sink and dishwasher.

They also did some underground work: enlarging the existing hole and installing a drain line for the bar sink, and cutting a trench (and some more radiant heat pipes) to lay a gas line from the north wall to the island cooktop.

Meanwhile, Bob was working upstairs in the attic. The strong back that supports the rafters was smack dab where the skylight is supposed to go, so he built two new strong backs and removed the part of the existing one over the kitchen. In the shots below, you can see the new sections on either side of the old one at the west end of the kitchen, and the east end of the new strong back at the east end of the kitchen, above the playroom ceiling.

Pool Area

Alex attached steel straps to the columns and to rebar that is drilled into the remains of the existing footings.