Power Up

Nothing of consequence happened on Friday, but today electrician Ken Wood showed up to move the electric subpanel that serves all the house circuits. His first challenge was finding a combination of sweep angles that would correctly reposition the conduit coming up from below the slab, which is the feed from the main panel in the breezeway.

The ladder-like structure leaning against the wall is part of the framing that was put in earlier this week. Oops.

By day's end, power was restored to the parts of the house that had power before the move. That still leaves in the dark, however, the west half of the house, including the kitchen, dining room, living room, entry hall, dressing area, master bath, front porch, west porch, etc. After a couple weeks of this already, we're used to it. Because it's dark when we got home from work each day, we light our Coleman lantern and explore the construction zone to see the day's progress.