Another Skylight...Maybe

The entry hall has always been somewhat dark, so we're planning to lighten it up with a skylight. They cut a hole in the ceiling for the skylight, only to discover an asbestos-wrapped pipe right through the middle of the skylight.

Bob and John then moved outside to work on the dining room, removing the header over the north wall. When they were through, they again boarded up the opening to provide some protection from the elements.

When the wind began howling, however, the tarp over the roof blew off. And the plate glass window that had been removed from the dining room fell over on the grass. Now I know why we make it a point to get away from those windows during an earthquake. (The replacement windows will be tempered glass.)

Muir discovered the pile of dirt in the kitchen, and has decided it makes a fine place to dig. We haven't told the workers.