Entry Hall

Although the asbestos removal team will be here next week to handle the pipe that went through the skylight opening, Bob and John couldn't wait. They (gingerly, I hope) moved the pipe so they could frame in the light shaft and install the skylight itself. Even with the blue tarp covering the skylight, it's much brighter in here now.


In preparation for laying gas and electric lines to the island, Greg (the plumber) deepened the trench from the north wall—ripping a few more radiant heat pipes in the process.

Pool Area

Alex and Juan poured the new supports for the columns. They replaced the post at the east end; they still need to replace the one at the far west end, but it doesn't sit on a concrete pier because it's on the driveway.

That project is nearly finished. The contractors still need to replace the western post and then remove all the temporary supports. Then we need to paint the entire structure. We also get to replace all the sprinklers and other pipes; they were removed because they were in the way of the forms for the new piers.