Dining Room

During the day, of course, the dining windows aren't boarded up, as they are each night. And with the framing complete, it's beginning to look like a finished, bigger room. And it's really looking finished from the outside, as they put on the window trim and board-and-bat siding. Because they're reusing pieces from the original exterior, they're already painted!


Ken (today with an assist from his brother Louis, visiting from Florida) continued wiring the kitchen. There are a lot more wires now than in the original kitchen, which had only one (ungrounded) outlet on each wall! They put in power to the island today. The attic is a tangle of new wires and pipes, with an occasional old one.

Bonus! We now have light in another part of the house. Today Ken reactivated the circuit that includes the playroom ceiling light and the outdoor lights around the playroom.