The pace of work has slowed down considerably; mainly we're waiting for the cabinets to be built. (The work is being done in a cabinet shop in Burbank.) Nonetheless, we still see occasional signs of progress. On this day, Bob and John paneled the wall next to the playroom door.

Now we're in a bit of a quandary. There doesn't seem to be enough of the original paneling left to cover the wall next to the entry hall door. We're considering using a different wood but trying to match the grain and color, painting the wall, putting up a cheesy freestanding bookcase, etc.--but we're open to suggestion. (Prize for the winning entry: dinner prepared in our new kitchen.)

They also installed a screened vent in the kitchen wall. This vent goes behind a couple of drawers that'll have wire-mesh bottoms and low backs, allowing outside air to circulate through the drawers. We'll keep produce that doesn't require refrigeration in this California cooler.