Biweekly Update

Only a few noticeable changes (and barely noticeable at that) around here the past few weeks as we wait for the cabinets.


Ken put in a couple of additional outlets--ones we should have thought of earlier. In the entry hall, we added an outlet near the center of the north wall, in case we put a jukebox, player piano, Christmas tree, or who-knows-what in there.

And in the playroom, we added an outlet on the wall between the entry hall door and the kitchen opening, where we've decided to install a built-in base cabinet with shelves above (similar to what was there before).


And speaking of outlets, we asked Bob to expose the outlet they had inadvertently concealed behind the paneling near the kitchen door. To do that, they had to cut into the drywall on the back side. (The cutout will be behind the cabinets when we're done.)

The new window in the northeast corner of the dining room was removed and reinstalled once again--this time to put in a sill and frame similar to the ones in the rest of the room.