More Miscellany

Bob, John, and Ken worked on a number of small projects this past week.

West Porch

The base of the post in the southwest corner of the porch had been completely eaten away by termites. The post no longer supported the roof; in fact, it dangled from the roof! Now it has been replaced. The new post is bolted to a new steel strap in the porch, so it should provide better earthquake resistance than we had originally.

Pool Electrical

Yep, this project is still plodding along. I bored under the concrete and trenched to provide a place for the conduit, which Ken then installed, along with a GFI-protected circuit for the pool light. (Dad: The yellow line in the third picture below marks the water pipe I asked about. My best guess is that this is the line from the main drain to the pump; the weird thing is that it appears to have a corroded shutoff valve at this point.) We ended up providing new electrical feeds to everything out in the pool area. In addition, the pool pump was near death, so we also had it replaced.

Outdoor Electrical

Ken put in new buried conduit on the north side of the kitchen for the lights in the camellia garden. They're fed from the junction box on the left; the junction box on the right is new.


The only thing that's happened in the kitchen lately is that the plumber cut off and sealed the test pipe for the sewer connection (lower right in the first picture below). The other pictures are the last ones you'll see of this wide-open kitchen. I painted the blue lines on the floor before our open house; they indicate the position of the cabinets, which we expect next week.