Pool Electrical Wrapup (?)

Ken installed the standing junction box to meet current NEC requirements for pools (minimum 4 feet from edge of pool, 8 inches above water level). This, he thought, completed his part of the project; our understanding was that the pool company would complete the job from the junction box to the light. Now it sounds like they're expecting us (i.e., Ken) to complete the red brass conduit to the light and then they (more accurately, the electrician they hire) will install the light fixture.

Meanwhile, I've got to repair the drain pipe, which was broken when the concrete was sawed back in November. The plumbers started the repair when they were here but never finished. Then I started last weekend, but didn't finish. Ken accidentally shattered the part of the pipe I had been working on, so now I get to dig under the deck to make another clean cut before joining the two pipes. Fun times.