Cabinet Installation Continues

This rainy day started out with the arrival of Brandon and David from Cabinet Creations, who delivered the rest of the cabinets. They somehow managed to keep the cabinets dry, but they didn't fare so well themselves.

Shortly thereafter, Bob came from his sickbed to see why the wall by the sink was bowed so much (out over an inch). He cut away a section of drywall and determined that the drywall had not been notched around a couple of protruding sewer cleanouts. Don't tell anyone, but he didn't replace the drywall in this area; we'll leave that surprise for the people who remove these cabinets in another fifty years.

Then Craig and Derek got down to work.

By day's end, they had finished placing the base cabinets along the south and west walls, along with part of the north wall.

Here's a view into the kitchen from the playroom. Note that the island is not in its final position; it's just being stored there while they install the cabinets around the walls.