Cabinet Installation Nears Completion

In the "bar" area of the kitchen (the south and west walls of the old bar/darkroom), an open bookshelf still needs to be hung there in the upper left corner. In the lower left, where Craig's miter saw is sitting, we'll have an undercounter refrigerator.

All cabinets are in place along the west and north walls.

Although the correct skylight for the entry hall arrived and was installed last week, the roofer hasn't yet been here to seal it up; hence, a blue tarp still covers most of the roof.

The cabinet in the northeast corner (where the refrigerator and cooler used to be) has openings for a microwave and a double oven. The four vertical drawers (one opened in the picture) are for spices; Jan has a huge collection!

The blue tabs you see in these pictures are tape; they act as drawer pulls until the real knobs are installed. (First, however, we have to select them!)