On our first night in Santa Fe, we had a wonderful dinner at The Old House, a four-star restaurant in the Eldorado Hotel. Jan talked her way into the kitchen, where award-winning executive chef Martín Rios was very cordial. (He didn't, however, mail the recipes that he promised to Jan!)

What did we have?

  • Yukon Gold Potato and Leek Soup
    Sautéed Maine Lobster, Savory Roasted Butternut Squash Flan and Osetra Caviar Crème
  • Pan Roasted Chilean Sea Bass
    Porcini Risotto Fritters, Spinach, Baby Squash, Salsify and Citrus Flavored Carrot Emulsion
  • Lemon Grass Ice Cream
  • Red and Green Baby Romaine Salad
    Savory Sweetwood Farm Goat Cheese, Pumpkin Seeds, Crispy Herb Filo, Endive Leaves and Roasted Pepper Goat Cheese Fondue
  • Pan Seared Cervena Venison Loin and Braised Osso Bucco
    Roasted Baby Turnips, Chestnut Bread Gnocchi and Sweet Potato, Black Currant-Star Anise Jus
  • Warm Liquid Center Chocolate Cake
    Apple-Caramel Sauce, Puree of Honey Braised Black Currants and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream